IQAC Activities

Some proposed activities for planning, guiding and monitoring Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Enhancement (QE) include but not limited to:

·         SWOT Analysis by the departments and teachers.

·         Sensitization of Quality in the University.

·         Initiate conduct of Academic Quality in teaching departments.

·         Enhanced Staff Development for quality related activities.

·         Enhanced interaction with students and faculty through formal cells and activities.

·         Students’ Feedback through performance appraisal of Faculty.

·         Enhance Industry- Academia Interface.

·         Feedback from Alumni, Industry and community.

·         Recognizing meritorious faculty based on achievements.

·         Formation of Class mentoring committees/ cells.

Activities done under IQAC upto 05-10-2016

Date Activities done under IQAC
22.09.2015 Inception of IQAC for YMCAUST
14.10.2015 SWOC analysis lecture by Dr Jyoti Rana
01.12.2015 Lecture on "An Insight in NAAC parameters" by Prof Sandeep Grover, Dean (FET)
22.12.2015 IQAC 1st meeting
09.02.2016 One day Workshop on Shodhganga and Antiplagiarism
19.02.2016 Discussion Session of faculty of Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical Engineering Faculty with Dean FET Prof Sandeep Grover on Objective and Outcomes
04.05.2016 Discussion Session of faculty of HAS and MBA department with Dean FET Prof. Sandeep Grover on Objective and Outcomes
13.05.2016 IQAC 2nd meeting
22.09.2016 "An Insight into NBA Parameters " Lecture by  Prof Sandeep Grover
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