Day Care Centre

The faculty and staff working in YMCA University of Science and Technology, Faridabad need not worry about their children while they are at work. The University has set up a play school cum day-care centre for children of teaching and non-teaching staff.
The centre comprises of a play area, a dining room, a dormitory, a class room with lobby, and a pantry. It would be a state of the art learning centre providing best available facilities. The children will also get the first aid medical facilities at the centre. The centre has the capacity to accommodate 15 -20 children starting from the age of one year.
The University has constituted a Committee comprising the senior faculty and staff members for looking after the functioning of the centre. “The centre is first of its kind in the state of Haryana. It will facilitate not only the female staff but the male staff members even if their spouses are not working for the university. The services will be available from 8:30 AM to 5:30 PM spanning over the office hours.” said the Registrar of the University.
“The great pace at which this dream has turned in to reality makes us proud. It is the vision of the Hon’ble Vice-Chancellor and efforts of teachers including Ms. Sandhya Dixit, Dr. Divyajyoti Singh, and Ms. Shilpa Munjal that helped expedite this agenda of our ongoing projects”, added the Registrar.

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