The Information Technology and Computer applications Department aims to make a place at both national and international level by producing high quality ethically rich computer application engineers and IT professionals conversant with the state-of-the-art technology with the ability to adapt the upcoming challenges in information technologies and their applications to cater to the ever changing industrial and societal needs. It is committed to provide a supportive, friendly and challenging learning and research environment. Moreover, it endeavours to establish itself as a centre of excellence in teaching and research to produce skilled human resource for sustainable nation’s growth and having technological impact on the people’s life. Part of our mission is to enable the students to acquire globally competence through developing their problem solving skills and exposure to latest developments in area of computer application and information technologies.

The department offers B.Tech(IT),M.Tech(IT) and Master of Computer Applications programs. The programs are designed to provide a core information technology and Computer applications foundation, as well as concentration courses that will equip learners with the necessary technical and research skills needed in industry and academia.

The department has a team of passionate academic staff with a wide range of research interests. The faculty members of the Information Technology and Computer Applications Department have very strong academic credentials.  The department has 06 doctorates and all Masters Degrees from outstanding institutions and they are very active in research. The faculty has commitment and dedication for teaching and providing a good learning environment for the student growth. Keeping this in the view the department regularly organizes various seminars, conferences and workshop etc., with the funding from various agencies for the benefit of faculties and students in the area of computer applications and information technology.