About the Department

With a view to augment the growth of a mixed blend of entrepreneurial and managerial manpower as per the current need of the industry and to provide the opportunity to graduates for acquiring specialized knowledge, the University started the course of MASTER OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION (MBA).


Aim of the Department

The Department aims at upgrading the knowledge and expertise of students by acquainting them with the applications of theoretical concepts along with their managerial implications in the practical world. The students are encouraged to use their skills in the best possible manner so that they can come forward and set up their own enterprise or to become a successful manager in an organization.


Important Milestones of the Department





The Department came into existence in year 2008. At initial stages the course was offered to technical graduates with dual specialization in managerial and technical specializations.


1.      The MBA course was open for all graduates, from different streams keeping in view the demand of the course. Dual specialization was offered in the course in management streams like: 

v  Financial Management

v  Human Resource Management

v  Marketing Management

2.      The Department also started offering PhD. program in management on part time basis.


1.      One more MBA course is introduced to all graduates with specializations:

v  Supply Chain Management

v  Retail Management

v  Tourism Management

v  E-commerce

2.      The Department now offers PhD. on full time basis.




Time to time various expert lectures are being conducted in the Department for reinforcement of mindset of students and to help them to have an in depth knowledge about different concepts of Management and their practical implications.