Annual Report of Activites of MBA (2014-2015)



1. A Guest lecture on SWOT Analysis was organized in the deptt. on 27th Aug 2014. The expert Mr Shashank( IBS Gurgaon) delivered the lecture and provided useful insight into the importance of SWOT Analysis. Another expert, Mr. Brijesh Arora (IBS Gurgaon) delivered lecture on “Anger Management” on the same day.

2. With the initiatives of Respected Dean Management Studies, Prof. Navdeep Malhotra, An Industry Academia Interaction, was organized by Dr. Renu Aggarwal in the department of Mgmt. Studies on 12-09-2014. Mr. Anil Kumar Chopra from Nulux Engineer interacted with the students and shared his views on the International trade practices. He had also proposed K L Puri Memorial Gold Medal for the topper of the MBA.

3. International Academic Interaction: Prof. RN Singh A & M Texas visits YMCAUST International Academic Interaction organized by the Department of Management Studies was held on 9th October, 2014 with Prof. R.N. Singh from Department of Sociology & Criminal Justice, Texas A&M University-Commerce, USA as the Chief Guest on the occasion. The theme was “Value and Implications of Assertiveness in Corporate & Administrative Affairs”. Prof. Sandeep Grover, Dean Faculty of Engineering          & Technology presided over the function. Prof. Navdeep Malhotra, Dean Management Studies remained the facilitator inspiring the students to ask questions and motivating them for quality educative interaction. Dr. Rachna Agrawal, Coordinator IAI,   presented a vote of thanks. She thanked to Dr Divyajyoti (AP, HAS) for opening up the channel with Texas A & M University which would usher in greater future ties.

4. Dr Rachna delivered an expert lecture on “Ethics for Social Engineering” in the seminar on ‘Education to make a person humane and employable’ organized by the YMCA University of science and technology, Faridabad, in alliance with Rastriya Chetna Shakti Foundation (RCF) held on October 20, 2014.

5.Prof. Navdeep Malhotra, Dean and Chairperson, Department of management studies delivered his keynote speech during the 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials (4th ICAMEM2014) at HongKong (Oct20th, 2014)

Prof. Navdeep Malhotra, chaired the technical session during the 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials (4th ICAMEM2014) at Hong Kong (Oct 20th, 2014)
Prof. Navdeep Malhotra and Dr. Ruidan Su, Director Bossi-Edu , China and Editor in chief JCIES, USA during the 4th International Conference on Advanced Materials and Engineering Materials (4th ICAMEM2014) at Hong Kong (Oct 20th, 2014)

6. Prof. Navdeep Malhotra visited Hongkong for international conference. Prof. Navdeep Malhotra, Prof. Nikolai Aleksandrovich khiebnikov (Dy. Director IFE, Ural Federal Univ. Russia), Prof. YusriBin Yusof (University Tun Hussein Onn, Malaysia), Prof. Katsuyuki kida (University of Toyama , Japan) during the International Conference at Hong Kong 19-20th Oct, 2014.

7. Workshop/ FDP on “An insight of MAT lab in Research” The Department of Management Studies, YMCA University of Science & Technology, Faridabad organized an ISTE approved one week FDP/ Workshop from 19-23 Jan 2k15. The FDP/workshop was successfully conducted under the guidance, support and encouragement of Prof.(Dr) Navdeep Malhotra, Dean- Department of Management Studies. The coordinators of the program were Ms Rupali Madan & Ms Jyotsana Chawla. The program was attended by 25 participants. The FDP/workshop was successfully conducted with an aim of imparting theoretical/practical knowledge among participants regarding implications of MAT Lab in Research. Candidates from various states participated in the course.

8. Guest lectures of Mr Debashish and Ms Simmi were conducted on 19th, 20th & 21ST Jan 2015, for MBA second semester. The topics Effective Speaking, Interpersonal communication and Team building.

9. A Guest Lecture on “Women Safety” was delivered by Prof. Rama Patnayak, Honorary President, Prachi Educational Society (PES), on 22nd Jan 2015. In the same lecture advocate Mr. Vijay Kumar Mehta gave insight into the various laws related to Gender Biasness and Dr. Pooja Jaggi from PES spoke on “Inside the mind of victim and offender at time of crime” related to women safety. It was a team of these three experts through which the students gained information on the topic.

10. Prof S.K. Narang, Ex-Director D.A.V. IM, Faridabad, enhanced the knowledge of the students through his lecture “Be a Winner” on 23rd Jan 2015.

11. Two days international conference was organized by the department of management studies in YMCA university of Science and Technology on the theme of ‘Paradigm Shift in Management and Technology’ on 9 -10 April, 2015. Dr Rachna Agrawal and Dr Renu Aggrawal were the conveners of the conference. Prof. Navdeep Malhotra, Dean Department of Management Studies was the chairman of this conference. A total 85 participants attended the conference and 70 papers were presented in the conference. Total ten papers were declared as the best paper across the sessions. Research papers received for the conference included the papers from USA, Canada and Malaysia. The guests presented on inauguration were Prof. Raghu Echampati, Kattering University, USA, Prof. Yusri Yosuf from Univ Tunn Husein onn from Malaysia and Mr. Rajiv Chawla, President, FSIA and Chairman, IMSME, Faridabad.The conference was scheduled in 8 sessions. First 4 sessions were from Management stream (Finance, Marketing, Human Resources and Business & Entrepreneurship) and rest four were Engineering and others (Mechanical, Computer Engineering, and Electrical. Electronics &communication Engineering and Humanities and Applied Sciences& related areas. The two days conference on Paradigm Shift was concluded in the Valedictory Function;. The Chief Guest, Mr. Ramneek Prabhakar, Secretary, MAF, Worthy Registrar, Prof. Tilak Raj, Conference Chair, Prof. Navdeep Malhotra were present in the function.

12. An AICTE sponsored faculty development program on “Emerging Behavioral Aspects in Technical Education” from 20.04.2015 to 01.05.2015 was organized in the department. Dr Manisha Goel, was the coordinator of the program and Prof Navdeep Malhotra was the program chairman. The program was attended by 55 participants from different institutions. The  course  was  conceived keeping  in  mind  the  requirements  of  young  faculty involved  in  teaching  and  research  in  engineering colleges/ institute/ universities of the country. The idea was to refresh the  participants with  the contents of the course and expose them  with  the  presentation  of  the contents  in  a  manner  suitable  for  the  modern-day UG/PG students. The expert speakers were from different universities like IIPA, IPU, GJU, MRIU. There were 40 sessions including inaugural and valedictory.

13.Department of Management Studies obtained the Lokmat Education Leadership Awaed in July 2015 by World Sustainability Congress.

14. Prof. Navdeep Malhotra, Dean & Chairman, Management Studies and Mr. Anil Kumar Chopra, Nulux Group, Mumbai, Signing MOU for the award of Gold Medal (10gm) for the Highest Marks achiever in MBA from 2013-15 batch on wards as K.L Puri Memorial. Award.

Aim: Motivation to the students

As such earlier to this there was no medal given to MBA Students as per university Policies. after joining as Dean and Chairman ,Managment studies Professor Navdeep Malhotra initiated the interaction with companies and in result achieved a sponsor for Motivation to the students.

This has been achieved only because of timely support of Prof. Sandeep Grover, H'VC and Prof. Tilak Raj, Registrar of the University.

University also congratulate to Management studies for the  attaining  the Best B-School Award North in the name of Prof,. Navdeep Malhotra as "Lomat National Leadership Award" by World Sustainability Congress.