B.Tech. (Mech. Engg.) Semester 4

Course Lesson Plan
ME-202C Kinematics of Machines View/Download
ME-204C Material Science and Engineering View/Download
ME-206C IC Engines View/Download
ME-208C Fluid Machines View/Download
ME-210C Manufacturing Technology and Metrology View/Download
ME-212C Advanced Strength of Materials View/Download

B.Tech. (Mech. Engg.) Semester 6

Course Lesson Plan
MU-302 Computer Aided Design View/Download
MU-304 Numerical Control of Machine Tools and Robotics View/Download
MU-306 Heat and Mass Transfer View/Download
MU-308 Machine Design - II View/Download
MU-310 Industrial Engineering View/Download

B.Tech. (Mech. Engg.) Semester 8

Course Lesson Plan
MU-402 Automobile Engineering View/Download
MU-404 Mechanical Vibrations View/Download
MU-406 Automatic Controls View/Download
MU-408 Operations Research View/Download
B–106 Marketing Management View/Download

M.Tech. (Mech. Engg.) Semester 2

Course Lesson Plan
MMA-602-A Metal Cutting Technology View/Download
MMA-604-A Automation in Manufacturing View/Download
MMA-606-A CAD/CAM View/Download
MMA-608-A-7 Principle of Management View/Download
MMA-610-A Mfg./ Metal cutting Lab View/Download
MMA-612-A Automation Lab View/Download
MMA-614-A CAD/CAM Lab View/Download