A seven-member team of innovative engineering students of YMCA University, who have made a smart refrigerator based on Internet of Things (IoT) Technology, have won ‘Innovator Project Award’ in a competition organised by Danfoss India. The team won the cash prize amounting to Rs. 75,000 in Under Graduate category of the competition.

The students were given the award at a program organised at Chennai which was received by Aakash Aggarwal, one of the team members on behalf of his team, along with Dr. Arvind Gupta, Dr. Nikhil Dev and Dr. Navdeep Malhotra. Other members of the team of B.Tech., Mechanical Engineering students include Amit Singh, Amit Singh, Amit Turan, Archit Gupta, Ankush Kashyap, Ajay Kharbash and Gurveer Singh.

Vice Chancellor Prof. Dinesh Kumar congratulated the students for their achievement and lauded the efforts put in by the faculty members and students associated with the project. He said that competitions of such kind are huge opportunities for budding engineers to compete and learn about new technologies, gain practical and industry-standard experience. Getting involved with such kind of projects is a great way to learn the real engineering skills, he added.

Dr. Tilak Raj, Chairperson, Mechanical Engineering and Registrar Dr. S.K. Sharma also congratulated the team for their applaudable achievement. 

Detailing about the project, Dr. Arvind Gupta, Professor, Mechanical Engineering who guided the students in the project, said that the ‘Innovator Award’ introduced by Danfoss India, is an intercollegiate competition for final year students in Under Graduate (UG) and Post Graduate (PG) courses, who have an interest in creating futuristic solutions that have the potential to be impactful in the areas of climate and energy.

Dr. Gupta said that the Smart Refrigerator made by the students is an IoT device which has features like humidity detection, temperature detection and food item detection. It displays all this useful information to the user on their smart phones in real time. Also, one's smart phone could be used to control some of the basic and advanced features like the main power supply, water/ice dispensing valve, and the emergency light of this smart refrigerator. 

The whole idea of making this 'Smart Refrigerator' was to make any ordinary refrigerator smart by giving it low cost connectivity with the Internet along with all the other features. The students were also given the opportunity of one day training at world class manufacturing facility of Danfoss located in Oragadam, Chennai.